liz droege fine art

liz droege fine artliz droege fine art

artist statement


I am formally trained as an artist, I went to art school back in the 80's and graduated with a bfa from st rose in albany new york.  I am in love with the fluidity of water and the inability to control it, I allow the spirit of the water to direct me on the paper, it really does have a mind of it's own.  I attempt to capture the 'soul' or spirit of my subject more than a complete likeness to a photo, I feel every person or animal has an internal dialoge that makes them who they are and that is what i attempt to capture.  Capturing the essence or fragrance of person or animal is more than depicting a likeness, it is letting the paint act as an extension of myself.  I also feel very strongly that our endangered species truly need our voices to prolong their lineages, it is our responsibility to protect these beautiful creatures from poaching and hunting, they deserve to be free just as we are. I hope you enjoy my Art it is an extension of myself and god, thank you so much for visiting my world... 

Beloved pets,people and animals

Our pets are an extension of us, I love painting your beloved friends, we are blessed with these friends for only a short time, remembering their essence is so peaceful and brings joy in every view.